Monday, March 9, 2015

Uh oh

You know that moment, when you open the water bill and suddenly realize that the large amount of water that has been standing in the backyard is not due to the recent and continuous rain, snow, and ice, but rather a 28,000 gallon water leak.

How could we NOT know???  It's not as if we loved watching the dogs play in the mud pit out our back door, but it is a low area.  Thankfully Honey is more than capable of fixing it, but finding the time was the issue.  After almost a week of keeping the water shut off, using water from buckets and pitchers, Honey was able to dig two lovely mud pits before he found the cracked pipes (yes, there were two leaks), a friend came over to help yesterday, and I'm thrilled to report that all we have left to do is pay the hefty water bill.    Anyone want to come over for a mud wrestling tournament?

On a lighter note,  Do not call Siri an "idgit" if she doesn't understand a spoken southern dialect,  especially in front of your children, because it will  translate it to a very bad word.

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