Thursday, June 30, 2016


Monday, I took Little K to VBS, knowing he would love all the fun activities and learning about Jesus.  On the way home, he stated "Jesus is mean!"
"Um, what are you talking about?  Jesus loves us and cares for us greatly!"
"Well, He told Zacheus that he couldn't play in the tree anymore and had to get out!" Little K stated.

Needless to say, we went back over that event and made sure he was clear on what really happened.


Day one and lego hand is forming
Two weeks ago, I had my first surgery for Carpal Tunnel.  Youngest has been so impressed with my Wolverine scar and my Lego positioned hand.  Not what I was thinking when he asked to see it, but the humor was welcome. 

I decided to watch some of my old DVR shows, after having carpal tunnel surgery two weeks ago.  I happen to be  watching one from Christmas  from the Hallmark Channel, when Youngest walked by and a Countdown to Christmas ad was playing.  "Are you kidding me Hallmark Channel!!!  It is not even the end of June!"
Paul and Tracy
Sunday, we attended a "sending off" to some dear young-at-heart, recently retired friends, Paul and Tracy, who are just the dearest.  Many people were there, telling stores, sharing a meal, and singing songs lead by Paul.  Tracy has been the biggest encourager to me in regards to surviving being a mom to boys, plus she loves to sew and do embroidery work on her machine.  I can't wait to hear of their new adventures as they travel the US.  There were not a lot of dry eyes, and my heart was aching a bit, but I'm thrilled for them.  After telling hugging Tracy, she looked at me and then at Youngest and laughed:
  "You know, the memory I will always laugh at with Youngest was during church.  He decided he wanted to sit with me during service, he must have been 3-4 years old.  Someone had made a hilarious comment during service and the auditorium was filled with so much laughter, but I looked down and he was completely stone faced.  So I asked him what was wrong and he said "I'm laughing inside my head."  I just lost it!  
I'd never heard that story before and was so thankful to hear it now.

Went to the Farmers Market this morning for some yummy corn and potatoes, and whileYoungest was buckling Little K back in his carseat... Little K said to him: "Don't mash my Peter." Lol!  Oh the joy of boys!!! 

Would you care to share a funny story that has happened lately?  Have you had a good belly laugh?  I'd love to hear it! 

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