Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Update to a Privy

I've been itching to update the front bathroom (aka Kids' bathroom). Oldest had painted it many years ago and it looked like a teenage boy had painted it with a lack of finesse.  The week of my  hand surgery, I knew it was my only chance this summer. Our boys were at church camp, and Honey was spending a lot of time at work,  due to having to move to a different building before renovations begin.  I didn't tell them I was going to work on the bathroom, and since Honey never uses that bathroom, he had no idea!
removing backsplash
Monday, I began by ripping off an ugly wood shelf backspash trim (note the white spot) and brainstorming how to proceed.  Yes, I was going forward with no real concrete plan and leftover paint.  I wanted the walls to be an off white to lighten it up, but only had two cans of brown and white.  Mixed some brown to the white to achieve the cream I desired and painted away.  Next, was the issue of the ugly white space the back splash left, and with the leftover tile from our Kitchen reno, I decided to use it there.  I was a bit nervous at doing some tiling by myself, but knew Honey didn't have time, so I dove right in. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be... 

 Of course, I still had Little K coming that week, so I worked between naps and downtime.  Sometimes he would play in the doorway as I worked.  As long as he was chattering away and playing in my sight, he was one happy kid.  His puppy, who comes with him (we absolutely love her), decided she needed to be in the middle of it as well. 
Little K
Hazel, the pup
There was a hole in the wall that Honey made to gain access to fix the water heater.  Spent three days spackeling and making that as smooth as possible.  That was hard for me, and Little K kept asking why I was putting pink stuff on the wall. 
Fixing a mess

a bit distressing
New pulls and knobs
Knowing the bathroom cabinets, trim, and door needed to be repainted, I mixed some of the white paint with the brown to achieve the right color, painted them and distressed them.  It takes no time at all and is really a bit of fun for me.  Just hope I got it right!  Only and I picked out drawer pulls and cabinet handles at Hobby Lobby on Monday, and hope to talk Honey into drilling the holes for me, since I can't lift over two pounds yet with my right hand. Shoot, I can't even brush my teeth with that hand yet! I'll update a picture once that is done.  Well, I attempted to find Honey's drill in the eh hem garage, but got frustrated with Honey's "keeper" side.  After a trip to the Farmer's Market for some fresh corn and potatoes from Crabtree Farms, we swung Lowes and I bought my own drill to keep in the house.  I'm pretty happy with my purchase and it was so easy to use.

Noticed when I was painting the walls, that the previous owner did NOT nail the trim boards on well and they easily came off.  Made for painting easier.  Now to ask Honey to add some nice trim that isn't so cheap and bulky.   It seems that Honey's Do List is growing steadily. 

framed Medicine cabinet

Last, I added an accent color to the mirror by using some of the left over paint from the kitchen reno and distressed it. Only thing left is to work on the light fixture over the sink area and the mirror frame for the small medicine cabinet. My dream for that, is to actually make it as a picture frame and take out the mirror since it is pretty useless in that corner. It may never happen, but it's a thought.
Distressed Mirror 

I love the distressed look, as it hides a multitude of imperfections and gives some character to an otherwise bland bathroom.  Boys came home from church camp that Friday and were totally shocked, but Honey  loves it.  Says it looks so much bigger and fresh, so all is well!

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