Saturday, January 19, 2019

Under an old needle

Life has been so very busy the last 6 months, but I've been able to have some late nights doing what I love, mainly due to in-ability to sleep.  There are perks to this. I love sewing late into the night - no distractions, just me, my machine, Netflix or the Hallmark Channel, and a critter or two.   Mainly most of my creations have been working on design testing for a talented designer from Malta, Blue Moon Embroidery Designs.  It is a joy to test each one and see how beautifully they stitch out,  finding fabric to match the vision for the individual I felt each project matched ... 
Shadow wants prime attention
For long-time friend, and avid tea drinker

For Dear Daughter

I've not been using a specific quilt pattern for each pillow, but rather scrappy white strips, sewing the scrap fabric forming long strips of miscellaneous length fabric. It's really easier than planning a detailed and specific quilt design and inserting the middle design, hoping it will come out right. 
Friend whom loves Fishing
This I didn't get to finish, but it's on my shelf to finish soon.  I do have quite a few projects that need to be finished...  It seems they are piling up. 
I made a polar-fleece comfy blanket for Oldest and his new wife for Christmas.  
That's all for now, but I have much more to come.  I've been a bit behind lately on posting.  


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