Friday, May 14, 2010

Central Christian Church Worship Band

A few months ago, our worship team (Central Christian Church Worship Band) recorded a CD of a few songs we do in church.

It was a huge learning experience, but I wouldn't have missed it.  I was very apprehensive about taking part of this because I was just plain scared - scared they would hear all my mistakes and that I would screw up the whole thing. 

Here is a video the recording studio,Omega Sound Recording Studio, put together of this on You Tube.
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Jodi said...

You won my giveaway for the Arithmaroo App 1! Can you please send me your email to: Thanks! ~Jodi

Janna said...

Wow that's a really quality video.

I hope you will considering joining me for the 15 weeks to record memories of your youth. I would love the hear some of these stories of you getting into trouble. :)

I'll be giving more details these next couple of weeks but it's just a short story once a week about a diff age each wk.

It's very basic but at least it gets us jump started to possibly do more or if not at least your kids will have the 15 posts.

Janna said...


would you please email me your email address so I can contact yo directly about the mommy's piggy tales project. I am