Friday, June 4, 2010

Stuck and In Need of a little Friend Therapy

Sometimes I just get stuck  and need some inspiration in

 my fashionable attire
my clean house
what I say
(how do those things slip out of my mouth?)
my habits
my finished projects
my cooking

So this last week,
when I stewed and mulled thought about
what to fix for dinner
(I know, it's such a simple thing)
Honey said - Pancakes

I wasn't feeling that

I cracked open my collection of recipes    Nothing
I opened up a few cookbooks
nothing said "Fix me!"

Finally I did the only thing I could think of to do
I shot off a text to a friend who loves to cook

So the long and short of it
What I actually was craving was
a little action
and close friends family
Lily Pie

her adorable brothers

big boys with toys
Grown up friends
(Les, on the left, is the BEST griller and took over those duties)

hearing the kids laugh and run around
It was just the Pick-me-up that I was craving
to be surrounded by friends, 
bumping into each other in the kitchen
some grilled chicken, ribs, and burgers, and ice cream
a little bit of this, a little bit of that...
pulling it all together at the last minute
They may have been friends, but it felt like family.
Want to hear a funny that one of Tracy's kids asked
after they found me softening 
the rock hard ice cream in the microwave? 
(yes, I really do this or I'd never get it scooped)

If we really had Microwavable Ice Cream!  
Honey and I were so tired
when we finally crawled into bed around 11 p.m.
but it was so wonderful
to have friends over that
accept a lived in house
and not notice that I've not 
vacuumed or dusted this week.
Okay, so I've not dusted in a VERY long time, 
but let's not get technical.
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Sandy said...

had to laugh... 'not dusted in a long time'... you need to see my house! I've been re-doing every inch of wood with white paint.. yes, everything! .... I feel your pain, to speak to an adult is so nice with three little ones.. wish you could get in contact with my 26 yr old.. she has three under 6 and homeschools in Guam.. (USCG)....
let me go read more of your blog.. and thanks for your visit to mine!

superpaige said...

So fun. We all need more time with friends

the momma said...

Wait - there was DUST??? I must've missed that part ~ too busy having fun (And stuffing my face...)

love you!