Saturday, September 18, 2010

the quilt story

This blog has been temporarily hijacked 
by Lynnet's friend, Tracy, who wears many hats.
Momma, wife, friend, chief cook and bottle washer, quilter, teacher
and every great once in awhile, Storyteller.
Once upon a time
there was a
little baby

Olivia had a very special place in Lynnet's 
and she wanted to do something special for her.
She decided to make her a
She was a little overwhelmed at times
but she set out with 

knowing she could call on her friend anytime
if she needed a little support.
The result of that desire,
some fabric,
and many hours
(she spent about as much time with the seam ripper
as she spent with the sewing machine.
Mostly due to machine, not operator error :-)
is this lovely quilt

Made by

with lots of

Fortunately for Olivia,
Lynnet is a much better quilter
than I am storyteller :-)
I think this quilt will be treasured for many years to come.
And I will treasure the deeper friendship I have with 'Net
as a result of the making of this special gift.

Olivia and her new quilt


Kaylana said...

Oh, so sweet! It will be enjoyed by many for years to come, I'm sure.

Unknown said...

that's beautiful, love the last picture :) said...

How beautiful!!!!

Raine said...

What a treasure! I'm talking about not just the beautiful quilt that I know was made with lots of love and the precious little angle who it's made for; but the treasure of such wonderful friends you have in each other.

Aspiring Mom2three said...

Ya'll are so sweet! I fretted and worried over this quilt - I wanted it to be really nice for Olivia. Each time I sat down to sew, I would pray for her and her family - really it was me talking to God about her and He used that time to talk to me. The little mess ups, the imperfections, God was in control of all that. I so much appreciate Tracy (the Quilt Lady) and Phyllis (the grandma) who laughed and asked me about it. They hugged me when I cried and got stressed over it. I call it my Prayer Quilt

I had the most huge butterflies in my stomach as I was going over to give it to them. Was afraid they wouldn't like it or something - silly things.

Kaylana said...

I've learned that through art, our imperfections are what make the creation so special and unique - just as each of us are in God's eyes.

We are not products of a factory. Nor should any of our creations be that way.

(Hmm... my mind shifts to so many areas where this applies...schooling, parenting, music, etc.)

May we be humbled by our imperfections and at the same time rejoice in them knowing that we are fearfully and wonderfully created in His image!