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Piggy Tales: Jr. College and mentors

  If you're just stopping by, this is my15th and final post, as a part of Jana's Mommy's Piggy Tales, which focuses on life after high school.  I think at the time, I really couldn't imagine life after high school, but it was literally a whole new world of experiences! 

I've just about decided I CANNOT put 6 years into one post.  Are you relieved? I am.  I'm going to continue for a few more weeks to get me to when Honey and I met and married, because there was way too much that happened and a lot of it really influenced who I am and how God got me to where I am now. So here are two of those 6 years.    

Surgery and Colorado: Almost as soon as  graduation, I traveled to Witchita, KS to have surgery on my foot due to a genetic thing my grandma passed on to me and was on crutches for 6 weeks. While it got me out of doing chores for a while, I had a goal in mind and needed to be off those crazy things soon.  I was preparing to go on my last Youth Quake with the Youth Group and I wanted to visit Pikes Peak and Garden of the Gods.  It ended up being a wonderful trip.  I think the horseback ride on the mountain was the best!  Honey jokes all the time that I have a screw loose because I do have a screw and wire holding two parts together.  

School and choices:  I attended a nearby community college (where my brother went)  for the next two years, working on the college newspaper, meeting new friends, learning about who I was, and looking at colleges that would help me pursue a career in journalism. I was able to meet and interview Ambassador Bruce Laingen, former Iranian Hostage and Dr. Ruth (I could have done without that one) due to being on the college paper.   I worked in the computer lab (also where my brother worked) for two years on those 1st wonderful Radio Shack computers with true floppy disk. I remember standing in the computer watching the Shuttle Challenger take off with  Christa McAuliffe on board and the horror I felt at seeing it explode. That was the year that I took Technical Writing (I hated) from Lue Barndollar and Creative Writing from Joy Clumsky, which I enjoyed immensely. I got a music scholarship and continued playing in the band, picking up the piccolo again.  I loved playing at basketball games (we got paid something extra for every game we played at).  Somehow it was more fun in college! 

 My first year, I was in the same dorm (4 rooms, 8 people, 1 dorm style bathroom,) as my cousin, and my roommate that year, Roberta (a home ec. major, and band majorette) and I still stay in contact with each other and enjoy a good laugh about kids and life.   I was 1st chair flute/piccolo and Mr. C, our older jovial director, suggested try out for state band.  Just the thought of it made me want to throw up. I begged him to let me off, but he said no, so I was allowed to try out by recording, and I made it!  State Band was in Wichita, KS and the hotel we were supposed to stay in had to clear one floor that some of us were on because Sheena Easton wanted the whole floor.  So four of us volunteer to go to an alternate historic hotel that reminded us of something out of the movies!  It was very grand and we felt a wee bit silly ordering pizza from Pizza Hut Delivery that night.  The music was challenging and I was thankful I was not 1st chair, but it was a good experience.

My second year found me serving as secretary of the Student Body, grading papers for the lab director and just enjoying life.  The first time I caught some cheaters by grading their papers and putting 2+2 together, I asked Mr. Lind if two particular students sat by each other, he was amazed that I knew that until I confessed I figured it out from the tests. A lot of other kids I hung around with, lived on farms or ranches - translated - there was a whole lotta cow poo that we swept up when they came over to visit our dorm, but we always had fun. There were no pretensions or trying to impress, just a bunch of friends who enjoyed spending time together. I must say, these were the first friends I had pthat I was aware of that drank beer occasionally, and while they always offered it to us, they always kept milk or soda on hand just for us... They never really pressured or made fun of us, they were very accepting and okay with our choice, and I can't really remember them ever drinking it when we were around.  Sometimes we had serious talks, sometimes we went to a VoAg sponsored dances (where I learned how to 2-step and do the Cotton-eyed Joe). Country music still takes me back to those days.  That was the year that one of the guys Huey, who developed a crush on me and wanted to date me, but I told him I couldn't because we didn't share the same faith and beliefs.  He used to bring he deer jerky and stuff as, but I gave it to my brother.  Went on my first real date with Max - a double date with Jimmy and Juannell to see a movie.  Because they knew I wouldn't go to a PG movie, we piled in Jimmer's stick-shift pickup (there were no double cabs at that time) and saw The Black Cauldron, a Disney movie and we had so much fun! 

Church:  I was still close enough to continue attending at Tyro and loved it. I moved into the College Age class, made new friends and memories, and learned important lessons that would stick with me through college. About this time, I began babysitting for two families - the Heinleins and the Heaters.  The Heinleins were a payed job and you soon learned that they were not a fun one, and I dreaded getting a phone call to babysit their kids.  You couldn't turn your back on those kids for one second or the whole house would be literally destroyed.
     The Heaters:  I first became acquainted with Annette Heater when she taught a Proverbs 31 class to some of us highschool girls. I remember watching her from a distance - how Rex treated her and the kids, the closeness they shared and the schematics of their home life.  Were they as genuine as they seemed?  I just had to know.  So I approached Annette about coming to their house once or twice a week just so she could get out of the house, shop, meet with friends, or just take a nap.  You know what?  That family was genuine!  I appreciated how she shared with me their early dating years and how she told him that she could no longer see him because he didn't share the same faith. That intrigued him and the more he read and asked questions, the more he saw that he couldn't live without Christ.  That family still holds a special place in my heart and I have received graduation, wedding and birth announcements from each of them as they started their lives.  They showed me what a true marriage could really be and I held fast to that. What a legacy those kids have!

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    I was just about to open a bottle of wine, Lynnet, to toast you and all your hard work of writing. But, yeah, you will write some more.

    I am touched by your story of the Heater family. My husband and I have had the opportunity to mentor many young people. I am so glad the Lord provided this for you.


    Ginny Marie said...

    I was a junior in high school when the Challenger exploded. It was a horrible day.

    I went to college with my cousin, too, and we had a great time together! I love your story about Sheena Easton! What a fun trip that must have been! said...

    This is great! I love the babysitting story and how God used it in your life...maybe because my own daughter does so much of that at age 19. Oh remember the Challenger...pregnant with number 2!while setting in a taco resturant in Lockhart Texas with my 2 year old...never forget watching it!
    Laughed over the cow poo...did that at summer youth camp.
    I have so enjoyed seeing God's hand through out your life, the ups and downs, He was still there!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.