Thursday, March 3, 2011

Home Ec Supper Project

Today, Only is fixing dinner as pat of her Home Ec. class.  The tantalizing smell of the roast mingles with the bubbling of the broth it is bathed in. Dinner rolls rising on the counter tempt us of what our palate will taste at dinner.  She has done a fine job and I'm sure Honey will be impressed!

As I was coaching her through making yeast dinner rolls for the first time, I had Youngest take over feeding Princess AB and H.  "Hey, Mom makes this look really easy, but it's really HARD!"  I was secretly smiling over that comment.

Only was doing a fantastic job with the rolls, but was unsure about the kneading. After a quick demonstration and I was sure she was doing it correctly, I got back to school with the boys. Pretty soon I heard her mutter, "This is hard work.  Mom makes this look a whole lot easier than it really is."  I was secretly smiling over that comment.

Well, I have some more papers to grade and the girls are waking up from their late afternoon naps. They have been a wrecking crew today!  We'll need a weekend just to recover from them! I hope your weekend is relaxing and I look forward to visiting with you soon. 

Have your kids, family or friends ever said that something you do looks easier to do than it really is? I'd love know more about it if you care to leave me a comment.

UPDATE:  When Honey finally came home for dinner, he had no idea that Only had fixed it.  Her rolls were just as big and fluffy as mine and her roast and potatoes were delirious.  No one died and there were very few leftovers.  I think she is secretly proud of herself and this was a HUGE confidence booster!
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ps.  I have been so encouraged by the comments left.  They have cheered me on busy and frantic days, and reading them sure has put a smile on my face more than once!  Thank you!



I would like to eat someone's home-ec project for dinner tonight. We are having panera soup that I buy at Target.


Anonymous said...

I think everything looks easier than it is ...Bet Only says cooking a meal is that way too! Thanks for your note about the pacifiers. I, thankfully, don't have any pacifier suckers left but I have lots of young moms I know so I wondered if you were in business with them or not. (Like you need more to do!) I have a thumbsucker though so if you have tips on that and want to post them I will be all ears! ("eyes").

Jodi said...

Yummy! I think my oldest needs a Home Ed Project one night next week. ;) I love yeast rolls, they are my favorite part about Thanksgiving in the sister-in-law used to make them every year, and they are so delicious! Enjoy your weekend!

Raine said...

Your rolls are the best!! Passing down your tradition! Only will be bringing the rolls to the family gatherings before long!

From the Kitchen said...

I must say that home ec has changed since I was in school! We made French toast, a basic meatloaf (mine crumbled when I tried to cut it) and a one layer cake (mine was about 1/4 inch high since I mixed up the baking powder and baking soda). I'm impressed!!