Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Broadsided by Monday?

Whew!  Today has literally exhausted me!  I know, by looking at the calendar that it is not Monday, but it sure feels like it!  If you had peeked in one of my windows today this is a snapshot of what you would have seen:
  • The Princess literally THREW her ham and cheese tortilla across the kitchen.  "I don't like it!" she cried. She ate it anyway.  We're trying to get her to realize that not liking something and being full are two different things.
  • "Why is there poop on the light?"  That is not POOP, Oldest was a messy painter and got brown paint on the bulb. I ended up taking the light out and letting her touch it...  Now how did she think that poop was going to get on the light up by the ceiling?  She must think we are more exciting than most people!

  • Our newest little one, Princess AB wore the dog out chasing, hugging, kissing (yes, she was actually kissing Lady), and touching her.  Lady ended up begging to be let outside so she would have some reprieve.  I think she ended up taking a sun nap in the quiet outdoors - this is something she NEVER does because she believes she is my shadow.

  • With three little sweeties, we have three different sippy cups, all filled with apple juice.  Mind you, they all look different, but they are all PINK. So imagine my frustration when I tried for 10-15 times to get a lid on a sippy cup and it not fit.  Give it up to some blond root I wish I had, but I had the wrong lid for the wrong cup.  Duh!

  • Do you know how quickly three little girls can totally DESTROY a place? It was like a tornado unleashed times three and picking up while they were here would have been as pointless as shoveling snow during a blizzard.
  • The Princess messed in her diaper (that's what they're there for right?) so I proceeded to change her. In the midst of that, I became aware she wasn't done, so I popped the potty seat on the toilet and plopped her on it.  I stood there waiting, forgetting I left the DIRTY diaper (with poop in it) on the counter.  I usually put the poop in the toilet if I can to cut down on the smell, but hadn't had a chance. She's sitting there doing her business when she suddenly looked over - a look of stinky horror replaced her silly smile.  "EWWW!  Why is there a snake in my diaper?"
      "Sweetie, that's not a snake, that your poop!
      "No, it's a snake!"
      "No, it's not a snake, really. It's your poop!"  

    There - I blogged about poop.  TWICE in the same post!  Never thought that would EVER happen.  Please forgive me or laugh with me.

    The blessing in it all?
    • When Oldest came home,  it was a joy to watch him and Youngest shoot hoops outside in this beautiful weather.
    • "W" was able to moderately concentrate in the midst of the chaos, learn, comprehend, and even crack a smile.  Amazing!
    • Taking full advantage of the special deals by text message that McDonalds offers (we typically don't even go there) has been doing each Thursday, Honey spent $10 for 40 pieces of chicken nuggets and provided dinner for all 5 of us. So it probably wasn't the healthiest, but with a day that we've all had, we don't care at the moment.
    • Through most of this, Only and I were able to laugh about most of it.
    • All three girls and "W" went home by 5 p.m.   *sigh*
    • A little humor: During a very relax dinner, The Princess' sweet momma sent me the following (she said I could post this)  
    "Count "L" out for quiz bowl next year. Dinner conversation:
           "L"- "My class is studying the United States. Everyone drew 2 states to study. I drew Colorado and Vomit. My friend drew New Hamster.
           Momma: I have laughed until tears were rolling down my cheeks."
             Our family about laughed until we were laying on the table.  Hope you got a laugh from this!

    How was your Monday Tuesday?
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        GLENDA CHILDERS said...

        Ah, Lynnet, my house is so quiet and rather boring. I need to come visit.


        Anonymous said...

        Your house sounds like mine! I would have been afraid to ask what that was on the light bulb! I love looking at the quilts you have made. I've always wanted to try someday!

        Aspiring Mom2three said...

        Oh Glenda, You're welcome at my house ANY time! The craziness may send you for a looper, but AR is a beautiful state with much less rain and snow. You are always such an encourager - a gift to many.

        Susan, Right now it's nap time for the two youngest, so it is quiet. This is the time we push to get as much school work done as possible.
        Thank you for your kind comments on the quilts. I just started last year, and have one I'm anxious to finish before the warm weather hits. Sewing is relaxing for me. I can forget about things and just create.

        I'm so glad you stopped by for a chat today. I was feeling overwhelmed this morning and seeing you stopped by, cheered me up.