Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dusting off my shoes

Last week, 
the  first official day of our 7 weeks of summer break,
I dusted off my running shoes
stretched my unused muscles
(they protested greatly)
and plugged in my moving sidewalk
(this clothing hanger is officially called a treadmill).  
Last week I did 8 miles not great,
(please read 8 miles in one week, not in one day, ugh)
but everyday getting faster and better. 

I'm ashamed to admit that this last year I allowed stress and adjustments to our family structure stress me and use food as a crutch and I gained those 25 lbs . I worked so hard the last few years to not just lose the extra pounds, but to be healthier, and feel better about myself, and improve my marriage. Although getting up at 5 to go spinning at 5:20 and working out for 3 hrs. a day was helping me to lose the weight and tone up, it was taking it's toll. 

Tracking progress: A few years ago I used FitDay, because I need be held accountable, but found SparkPeople easier to use on my phone when I'm out.  I like the options of entering data on my phone or on line and it automatically updates. In the past I found that MyFitnessFriends was a wonderful support and encouragement, I probably should head back over there! Slowly, yes slowly, I'm working back towards my goal.  I loved being the size I was for years, and it's not really about the specific size or the number on the scale, but it's about how I feel about myself and the role model I am for my kids.  I told myself all those years ago that I wouldn't go back to where I had started, but I did.

*Note to self
Do not swing arms when jogging
arm will catch on ear buds connected to phone on which I'm listening to Pandora cardio music because I must then jump over my phone as it falls on treadmill.  It easier to attach it to self and avoid such supposed disaster.

** Note to self
Lock cat out of bedroom while walking
she is magically drawn to the moving "play toy"
The last time she tried to join me,
she jumped on the treadmill (which was moving)
I tried to jump out of her fast and unsuccessful use,
landed back on the moving sidewalk,
but I did one of those ungracefull falls off,
which slid me backwards in the blink of an eye. 
I had abraisions and bruises on the left side of my poor body
could hardly move for 4 days afterward.
All the videos you see on AFV of people doing the same thing...
It's really not that funny


Janettessage.blogspot.com said...

Well thanks for the nudge this morning..yea! for you!!!
I have allowed the stress to add weight and even get me stopped on exercising, which really does help my mental to deal with stress.
You have encouraged me this morning to get back to working out!

Keep it up!!

Anonymous said...

Yay for you too! I have gained weight this past year too and go back and forth with exercise. I know it's hard to not totally focus on it and yet still be consistent enough to see some results.

Flourchild said...

Thank you for the birthday greeting! It made my day!! I hope you have a wonderful day too and keep up the working out! You will drop before you know it..not literally drop...ha ha..but you know...drop weight!!


I am working on some pounds too. It feels good to be moving in the right direction.

Sorry for the spill.