Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Taken Hostage

 Poor Honey was startled this last week
to discover this critter was using 
our TRASHCAN for it's latest home
unwelcome visitor
 Yes, that is a possum that crawled INSIDE a plastic bag on some cool night
seeking shelter in the midst of our trash and baby diapers

 Our family was taken hostage this last week, by the most vial (think skunk smell) and ugly creature, forcing us to store our trash in the garage. Oh, we tried a variety of methods to make it leave
  • we asked it nicely (by leaving off the lid)
  • not too nicely by kicking the can
  • We made fun of it
  • we gawked at it
  • took pictures
  • poked it with a stick
  • Honey got out  his BB gun and shot it several times
           (those who may be with PETA please stop reading)
  • and put the lid back on. 
Guess what?   Last night when Honey checked on it last night, It was playing possum,  literally!  It had crawled out of the bag and found a more comfy place. When he moved the can it merely stretched like a lazy kitten blinking it's eyes as if to say "Is that all you've got?"
Playing possum

Growing tired of this situation, Honey and Oldest put on their brave faces, took the can and our stinky visitor to the stream beside our house, tipped it over and waited for it to get the hint. 

It did not. So grabbing the nearest eviction notice (a big stick), they prodded and drug it from it's slumber, until it finally had enough.  Our trash can now has a vacancy and we're not looking for new tenants.

 This is probably the most gross thing I've written about and it's
kinda silly that we let such a ugly little creature hold us hostage.  I know there is a spiritual thought tiptoeing quietly through my head, but with a 3 day migraine, it's all I can muster at this point.

We're all laughing about it now, but it was quite the stinky situation!   Have you ever had an unwanted visitor and what did you finally do to get it/them to leave? Would love to hear your story!


the momma said...

ever had an unwanted visitor?? Boy, have I ever! but we'll just leave it at that....

next time, use a 22 ~ it's called 'taking dominion' :-)


Kinda creepy and scarry. I'm a little afraid of the many garbage can in chicago alleys.

Hope the migraine is gone . . . just like the possum.


Lorie said...

We had a possum in our house once....it was horrifying.