Friday, December 16, 2011

The last time?

Red neck cell phone
 Going in to say Goodnight to Youngest, I full expected to find him as I do each night, with some book, or iPod, or something tucked beneath his covers that he's been playing with or using, and usually he gets a "You are in bed and supposed to be sleeping, not playing talk (not the best thing to do as that is the last thing they remember going to bed) .

Last night was no different, but instead I had to laugh.  There he was hunkered down under his covers with some action figures, with a guilty look on his face.  But God reminded me and instead I had to laugh for a moment. 

His stacked golf balls
"But Mom!  How can I go to sleep when nighttime is when I get the best ideas!!!" 

Poor kid!  His brain is so wired and pinging all over the place (AHDH) that he can't go to sleep! Now I know where he comes up with half the thought and things he does!  Dream on Youngest!  God's going to do awesome things with you! 

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Anonymous said...

So true ...I have one who is much like that as well. The world needs these dreamer's and builders!