Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Kitchen Corner Reno

Do you  like to watch those DIY or HGTV shows where they tackle those Ugh jobs?  Only and I LOVE to watch them, just imagining (dreaming) what changes what changes could someday be made.

It was Father's Day weekend  (I'm a little behind on posting this summer),  Honey and I each were feeling a burst of energy and getting some things done on our "Do List."  I was feeling pretty good about getting the Toy Area and Magnet Board done, but I knew I was missing some magnets and pretty sure our fridge had taken them hostage. Did you happen to own one of those "special edition" magnet eating fridges?  They really should take them off the market!

Pulling out the fridge, I was dismayed to find only one letter, but the biggest "surprise" was some mildew on the outside wall and a small water leak from the ice maker.  This project just got bigger! 

Honey being handy
I'm thankful that Honey was able to quickly get back there, remove the flimsy ugly shelf, tear off the bad baseboards, and useless boards on the side of the cabinet and counter.  Adding some caulking, boarding up and making improvements on the bottom cabinet, he made sure my mixer, and various other small electrical appliances would no long crash when the cabinet door was opened.

I scrubbed it all down with bleach water, applied Kiltz to the whole area,  got out my newly bought quart of what I thought was a great match pale yellow paint (added some white to get it to match), and burned the late evening hours. 


     We're pretty pleased with the results.  Have wanted that shelf down for YEARS, weeded through my cooking magazines and cookbooks, got rid of treasures junk we didn't use, and wahlah!!!  My mini-kitchen makeover. 

    Have you ever started on what you thought would be a small project and it turned into something bigger than you dreamed? 

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