Wednesday, July 18, 2012

$2,000 can of 7 oz Pepsi

Our most expensive can of Pepsi
 A little over a month ago , Honey told me his eye appt revealed he had a cataractYes, I know, 45 isn't really THAT old, but we certainly felt old after this! We were a slightly stunned, but relieved that the issue he was having was fixable.

He was actually quite frightening before his surgery Think about it.  Here is a stubborn, quiet, dedicated man, who scared the daylights out of me when he drove because he couldn't see and didn't want to admit it. There was a horrible glare on his at night, and to make matters worse, he began to GLARE at me each time I suggested or hinted that I would like to drive.  When we drove up to Springfield, MO for a car show Memorial Day weekend and to visit with siblings (it was a blatant, "we're leaving the kids home alone, in order to get away by ourselves" weekend) I was terrified. I literally was so thankful for my iPhone and all the books and games on it, because I couldn't stand to watch the road and how bad his driving had gotten.  All I could think was "Our children are going to be orphans and will have to move to TX to live with family."  To say that Honey was more quiet and apprehensive leading up to his July 5th surgery was a gross understatement.  He had not had any type of surgery since he had his tonsils out as a young child.

Our experience?
  1. They don't knock you completely out for this type of surgery.  This part really freaked him out before they gave him the meds. After the meds he cared less and says all he saw were "pretty rainbow colors". 
  2. It takes less than 20 minutes to have this done (barely time to open a book or let family know he had gone in).
  3. Honey is a blast under anesthesia (somehow took on the sense of humor of his older brother), which made him even more funny.
  4. His demands of Sweet Tea via I.V. (after the anesthesia hit and prior to surgery) were not met and then said he could not trust me to drive him home.  He really thought he was going to drive himself home until our pretty nurse told him to hand over the keys. I did stop on the way home at McDonalds and got him a sweet tea "because I need it," he demanded.
  5. Honey's complimentary can of "you're waking up from surgery, drink this, keep it down and you can go home" can of Pepsi cost us $2,000.  He swears it was awesome!  
  6. I laughed so hard just trying to get his shirt back on him, I cried. I'm sure we provided MUCH entertainment to those around us. Next show will be Aug. 2.
  7. He accused me of driving like Mario Andretti going over every speed bump I could find.
  8. After sleeping from 1 p.m. until 3 a.m., he couldn't sleep anymore and decided to go in to work to do some paper work.  Seriously!!!  The man thought he was going to DRIVE himself!!!  Rather than argue, I got up and took him.  I was awake anyway from his mumbling and trying to find his wallet. We finally got back home at 5:30 a.m. at which he promptly went BACK to bed and I was WIDE awake.  ARGH!!!  
  9. We have the sweetest friends who came over that same morning to help organize and put stuff back in our attic (another story).  What did Honey do during this?  He sat AT the kitchen table, calling customers, letting them know their vehicle was ready, giving estimates, and updating them on progress of their vehicle. We were all literally shaking our heads in disbelief. !   I really think he wanted to keep busy because he wasn't able to help or "take charge" and wanted to keep his mind off what we were really doing.
  10. Honey's attractive eye patch and attire
  11. The eye patch???? We're keeping it, so I can paint it black and he can masquerade as a pirate at his next birthday.
  We've seen such a remarkable improvement in his vision now from -200 something (he couldn't even see there was a wall with a Big "E" on it)  to 20/30 without any type of corrective lenses that he is actually looking forward to having his other eye done.  I kid you not!   We are incredibly thankful for all the prayers and God's hand in all this. 

 I'm fairly confident he'll never read this post, but please don't forward it to him.  We still have his other eye to have surgery on and I really want to stay married to this man. 


Charmaine Hardwick said...

This is so funny! I'm going to read it to his older brother!

 Cha said...

I'm so glad all went well! "rainbow colors! LOL!