Monday, June 25, 2012

"But first" Syndrome

I suffer from a syndrome - I'm not sure if its a mom related thing or not. But it's called: "But First..."

Imagine this:  Father's Day weekend and Honey is tackling some of the things on his Do List (honestly, I didn't ask him to).  Good time for me to do the same, right?

The mess
Organized for now
1.  Toy Area Cleanup: It started simply enough.  I found this great bin organizer at our local resale shop for $15.  Frankly, the Toy Corner isn't used well enough for the lack of organization and not being able to find anything.  Momma Hume brought over some "big" girl toys and that helps with more age appropriate things. So I started sorting, throwing out, cleaning, and finding some "treasures."  Still have a few things to do, but it sure feels and looks better!

2.  Gather lost magnets for new magnet board Honey made: In the midst of the Great Toy Cleanup, Honey began assembling and finalizing the cool Magnetic board I'd seen on Pinterest.  He did an awesome job and I'm so impressed how it looks.  I sent a picture to Momma Hume, Miss I's momma, and she was so excited that Honey had made this for her.  Poor girl!  Her momma had to break it to her that it wasn't JUST for her.  Never-the-less, she has been over twice to visit and LOVED it!  Can't wait to use it this Fall for some new learning activities with the girls! 
Miss I and The Board
Magnetic Board

Have you been working on any "Do List" projects at your house?  I'd really like to hear what you've been working on! 

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