Thursday, July 19, 2012

Loft bed

When Only was nearing graduation from high school back in March, the only thing she said she wanted was her daddy to build her a loft bed.  She has slept on my old bed that I got when I was four, and it was time for it to go. She had several ideas on Pinterest, and while Honey is starting to believe that place is a curse to all husbands, he was able to glean many ideas and they began to dream.

So he over the next few months he began planning, measuring, cutting, and well, you know what that means... He got to use his Power Tools I think he even did the Tim the Tool Man grunt once or twice to prove his himself. Using the unused trundle bed from the boys' room, he took it apart, sanded, used some special stain stripper, and pretty much enjoyed making something for His Girl.  He loves this kinda stuff!  

The mural in which the bed would cover up
Father's Day weekend he woke up with great energy and plans. After checking a few things off his "Do List," (and a few on mine as well), he  gave me a sweaty cheeky grin and told me he was going to put her bed together that day while she was at work.  Surprise!  My head was spinning trying to figure out how to get it all done - I was still in the midst of the Great Fridge escapade  and the Toy Corner Cleanout and now I needed to clear her room out.  Our house looked like it THREW UP on itself! 

Of course I'm like the book, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.  When things got moved, I couldn't simply let them start without getting out the vacuum or Pledge.  I think there was a corn field growing behind her dresser! 
Youngest testing out his "Man strength" doing pull-ups

Honey is the type of man that he had each joint marked, knew exactly where the pieces went (he loved Tech writing in college), and quickly had it put together with help from the boys. It is incredibly sturdy and won't be going anywhere anytime soon.
Came home early for lunch break.

Only decided not to paint it, but likes it Au-natural.  You can see in the picture to the left, Honey made sure she had a desk and two shelves for added storage.  A sheet of clear acrylic will be cut and placed on top of the desk area so she can stick pictures and stuff underneath and not get splinters.
Desk underneath adds more apace

Of course she LOVED it and though the ceiling poses a challenge, it has doubled her space.  She had it set up in no time, bought a Memory Foam topper for the "new" mattress, and says she sleeps so much better now.  The Rag Quilt I made her and matching pillows go perfectly up there, though she may need a few more pillows. Making the bed now requires a step-stool, but she is pretty happy with everything.
Lofty arrangements
All arranged and orderly

Great job Honey!  I'm proud of you! 

PS.  See that really cool art piece above the Toms flag?  Only made that after seeing it on Pinterest as well. 

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