Friday, July 11, 2008

Will this be The Last Time

As my youngest crawled onto my lap
I was reminded of "Will this be the last time"
He didn't fit on my lap very well.
Legs were hanging near to the ground.
When did he get to be this big.
It's funny -
I've always seen him as my "baby"
But he's almost 10
He doesn't quite fit on my lap anymore.
I'm not sure when it happened.
I remember those night of all night rocking,
holding, nursing, comforting, singing...
His breathing evens out
falling into rhythmic breaths
I hold my breath and shift,
and feel his arm relax.
He melds against me
snuggling on my lap
Will this be the last time?
Those sweet toes I used to kiss
are a tad size bigger and dirtier,
Those sweet rosy cheeks
now have dirt smudges from last night playing outside.
That scar on his chest,
a reminder of God's saving grace
is smaller, oh so much smaller.
That baby fine hair
now wildly sticking up
"I like it that way" he claims.
Gone are the cute baby outfits
replaced by mismatched short and t-shirts.
His body jerks in his sleep,
his blue-berry eyes open sleepily
Will this be the last time?
He slides from my lap
reaching for his Indy hat
placing it on his head with practiced habit
he nods at me and mumbles
"Thank you Momma"
as he kisses my cheek,
he walks out of the room
Will this be the last time?

1 comment:

Flourchild said...

What a darling, sweet and simply heart touching poem. I have a list of poems I wrote years back tucked away in a book. My kids are 10, 14 and 15 now. It seems like yesterday I was holding them in my lap. Your a wonderful mother and I love reading your bible verses and how God is working in your life. Keep strong!

Your welcome for the tip on the ramekins. I love having them around.
God Bless your day.