Saturday, July 12, 2008

Lessons learned

Armed with my ads from 3 different stores, Claire and I set off to Dollar Tree and another local discount store. I've been working on a better system for identifying ad matches, coupons, and such, and did a quick review before shutting off the engine. Poor Claire had a look of unrestrained something on her face. "Mom, you're NOT going to Ad match again are you?" Her voice showed the incredulous dismay she felt. Nodding, I opened the door while replying "Yes, won't it be fun!" (I was only kidding about the fun part). I'm sure she was rolling her eyes when she heard this. Something you must know about Claire - she is a saving grace when she goes shopping with her Daddy. He has told me more than once "Is that on the list?" or "Would Mom let us get that?" After pulling out my notebook (for tracking actual prices) and the calculator, we began. In the end, I was hoping that Claire had learned something important about ads and shopping (just becuase it says it's on SALE doesn't mean that it really is and you have to compare prices), but when it came down to it this is what she really learned: "Don't go shopping with Mom!"

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Anonymous said...

Thats VERY true! Don't go shopping with Mom! :)