Friday, February 19, 2010

Frugal Fridays

We make our own dry laundry detergent.  There are many ways and formulas (liquid or dry), but this link tells you how we do it. I make a gallon of detergent at a time and make it only FOUR times a year and less than $12 for each batch! 

Homemade baby wipes.  When my kids were little, they tender bottoms broke out when I used store bought wipes, so I made my own using water, baby oil, baby bath, and Bounty Paper Towels.  Now that I am keeping The Princess, I've began making and using them again.  I've even given them as baby gifts to moms that love this sort of thing. I know there are many recipes for this, but this is what we do.

When our kids were little we used cloth diapers and made our own baby wipes. I loved knowing what went into them as Oldest was a little sensitive to the bought ones. They last forever! Here is how we made them. Since most parents have these supplies on hand anyway, these are relatively inexpensive to make. Click Here to see how we do it!

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Alicia said...

So, can you tell me exactly how you made your homemade wipes? I am cloth diapering, but have still been buying wipes. What was your "recipe" and how often did you have to make them?