Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Brother P-touch labeler

I love to be organized, but sometimes the simplest thing works best.  When we take a dish to church or some other gathering, masking tape and frequently the permanent mark (a little ugly if I may say) can be
 inadvertently washed off by a well-meaning hostess.  One way we solved this problem is with our Brother P-touch label maker I bought a few years ago.  The labels are durable, water-proof,  and stay until you take them off.  I've not had any problems removing them from items, except when we use them on files.  I love labeling not only dishes we take other places, but file folders, items that we put in the freezer, books, notebooks, items and clothes that go to camp or on trips, diaper bag items, and more.  It has awesome features that allow me to change the font size, put two lines stacked, stores frequently used labels messages, use different decorative frames, print multiple labels of the same label, and more.  Using a standard QWERTY keyboard, the P-touch allows me to use different types of labels (clear, white, etc.) while viewing my label message in a digital window. 

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Half-Assed Housewife said...

I have been wanting to get one of these for years, but been to lazy to actually do it. You may have just inspired me.

Jennifer Young said...

Aren't these the best? I got one last year and I love it!

Flourchild said...

Very nice way to stay organized. I don't have one..but you never know may have to someday!

MuseBootsi said...

One day I sat there with my son and labeled him! It was very silly and not at all learn-ie. They have a jolly roger in their decorative characters! So my little guy was a pirate!

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