Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent or Lint?

This morning as I was feeding The Princess and reading my email during breakfast, Youngest wandered in dressed and ready for the day.  This doesn't happen often, so I was surprised. I had been reading Diaper Diaries post for Works for Me Wednesday about Sacrifice for Lent and I asked Youngest if he knew what Lent was...

Yeah, isn't it that stuff you get in your belly button or in-between your toes or you pull out of the dryer after drying our clothes?  

Yes, he was being serious, so we had a discussion about what Lent means and some other days leading up to Easter Sunday... I think he has a better understanding about it now... He said he was going to give up Legos, but I think we need to have a longer discussion on Advent.  Okay, just so you know Honey and I were raised in church, and we have attended the same non-denominational for almost 20 years now, but Lent and Advent are not the focus as much as Good Friday and Easter - His Resurrection.  I guess when the kids were younger I actually did more with them on preparing for Easter and Christmas, than I do now.  Guess I have my work cut out on this one! 

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