Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Death of a squirrel, an odd event

I was going to post about what a "wonderful day" I had, but God showed us something tonight that was so sad. 

There was a murder in our front yard.  Okay, we didn't actually see it and it was just a squirrel, but it was the saddest thing. No, we it wasn't a pet (good grief, we have enough rodents as pets), but we actually do enjoy watching the little rodents play in the yard.  They're fun to watch, playful, and resourceful,  but tonight we witnessed something we never had seen before that seemed odd. 

When Honey pulled in tonight, I noticed him parked in the drive just watching something in our yard.  He said he was watching these two squirrels over by our ditch: One appeared to be dead and the other was sitting over by it.  Like a dummy, I went over to investigate to see if it was really dead. No doubt, he was in perfect "road kill" position - on his back with feet in air. 

So what do I do?  Grab the camera and head back outside to get a few pictures. Sick huh?  She sat in the tree for a few minutes.  Not sure if she was stunned with the death, but I stood there for about 10 seconds before she whirled around to face me.  I quickly jogged back to the house.  She looked like she wanted to eat me alive!

Watching from the safety of the kitchen, we witnessed the female  drag the lifeless body from the ditch, in front of our house to the back wood pile in a matter of 20 minutes.  I went out to to see how she was going to do next (from the other side of the fence) and I got "cussed out" by her in squirrel.  Apparently she didn't want any witnesses.  What she did with him, I'm not sure. Maybe she was ticked that he was kinda slow crossing the street, or that he left her a widow. We'll never know, I just hope she doesn't decide to drag his body up on top of the roof or in the dog house...   

I'm not exactly sure what we're supposed to learn from this - walk quickly when crossing the road, fast drivers can kill you, devotion, how to drag your "spouse" 100 feet by his back leg, or never let anyone see where you put a dead body...   I really can't believe I just wrote about the death of a squirrel, but it's been a horrible day and I must say I think the squirrel had a worse day. What do you think?

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Anonymous said...

You sound like me. I too would have snagged some pictures. ha ha!

By the way, go read here when you get a chance, please. :)


Unknown said...

Awww, poor squirrel! We love watching our cute little squirrels here, too...I would probably cry if I saw one of them dead, lol!


Brimful Curiosities said...

That is very sad. One time a hawk snatched up a little bird that the kids and I were watching from our window. I didn't realize that squirrels looked after their own in this way.

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Lorie said...

There's a mama squirrel at our church, and we have seen her carry her babies (we've counted 3) one by one from one spot to another. If she sees you stopping to watch, she will stop and stare at you until you move on. It's pretty amazing!