Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's going on at our house: Pictures

Look what is happening at our house!
Those cleaned kitty litter containers become great storage containers for the garage: electric cords, plumbing items, pet food, garden seeds and tools, etc.


Honey and Youngest - cleaning out the yucky garage.  *Sigh* Momma is much happier and I didn't even ask them to do it!  There is WAY too much junk in there! I'm just thankful no one stopped this time thinking we were having a garage sale!

EEK!  It's an invasion of the Basketball head people! 
(there is more than one use for a worn out basketball!)
Lenten Roses
These leathery shade beauties are 
members of the buttercup family.

cheap childrens' play toys...
I love fresh rosemary in my Italian
Peasant bread and sauces.

Lilies of the Valley
These Lillies actually came from the farm my mother grew up on in KS, during the depression.  I love how they've thrived at my house and are spreading like crazy 

A cute little Princess
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