Monday, June 28, 2010

Ice Cream Festival

Saturday we traveled
to Broken Arrow, OK
for the 
8th Annual Blue Bell
Taste of Summer Ice Cream Festival.

   whopping 21 friends in 5 vehicles
All you can eat ice cream (you name it, it was there)
bounce arounds,

fire trucks
crafts to make
"cow" to milk
(did I mention the ice cream to eat?)
corvettes for the "big guys"
mix that with a massive crowd of 15,000 others

There were about 6 of these ice cream stations scattered around the grounds and this doesn't even count the separate stations in the kids area where you could get ice cream sandwiches, pops,  drumsticks... Can we say sugar overload?

After 3 different samplings of ice cream, I was ready for something of substance! 
Some of the guys headed to the Drag Races in Tulsa and the rest of us headed home.  We had to stop at Abuellos to eat a late lunch.  Ah, never under-estimate the welcome of great food and air-conditioning!

This is how we spent our Saturday.  Is there something you did with your family or friends this weekend that you can tell me about?

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All you can eat ice cream . . . yum. When I was little (and we were rather poor while my folks were in school and ate very simply) - I thought about heaven and that you would have all you can eat ice cream. Who knew I just needed to travel with you? :)

Did you know at the end of your blog that the comment tag is covered with the photos of other blogs to read. It is a little hard to see and may be keeping you from getting some comments. I keep forgetting to add that on here.