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Feed Me Books Friday: Bears, Pigs, and Dogs OH MY!

PhotobucketWelcome! I'm excited that you stopped by because today, I have the delightful honor of hosting Feed-Me-Books Friday, while Jana at The Adventure of Motherhood takes a break during July. Be sure to link up your own post telling us about some of your favorite children's books at the end of this post. 
Somehow I'm always drawn to books about animals.  Maybe it's because I have always had a pet or animal in my life, whether it was a dog, horses, parakeet, cow, bunnies, guinea pig, cats, or even now where we have a corn snake and mice added to the craziness.

Nothing But a Dog
I loved Nothing But a Dog by Bobbi Katz when I first open it's pages because I could relate.  This book is for every child that has wanted a pet, specifically a dog with all her heart.  While she there are many things she may do, nothing squelches her longing for a dog.
"A thing, no matter how special, is still a thing.  A dog is something else.  Once it starts - the longing for a dog - there is no real cure for it...  You know, for absolutely sure, exactly how it would be - if only you had a dog.  Waking up with a cold, wet nose, pressing against your face. Coming home from school to YOUR dog waggin his tail, kissing your nose, and saying "I LOVE YOU!" in dog language..."
If your child has been asking for a pet, avoid this book, but it sure is cute.
  The Bear That Heard Crying (Picture Puffins)The Bear That Heard Crying by Natalie Kinsey-Warnock and Helen Kinsey
 This book is based on the true story of Sarah Whitcher, age 3,  who was lost in the woods for four days, in the summer of 1783. It started when Sarah wanted to join her parents in visiting family, but they said it was too far for her to walk, so she had to stay home with siblings.  She started out after them anyway and soon became lost deep in the woods.  She was soon befriended by the most unlikely creature that could be found - a black bear.  Once she was discovered missing,
neighbors from all over joined the family in searching for the lost Sarah and all were deeply discouraged when they found bear tracks beside little Sarah's.  On the fourth and last day of the search, a many came to the door and said he could find her because he had dreamed of her location and that a bear was caring for her.  He lead them to her,  where she was found safe hidden in the bushes. 
"When she was older, Sarah wrote down what she remembered of those days in the woods and the "big black dog" that found her."
While this is a feel-good book, I loved it because it showed God's provision in the least likely way.  I hope you're able to find it and share it with your kids.

   The Pig in a Wig by Alan MacDonald 
The Pig in a Wig Okay, this book is pure silly - broaching the subject of vanity and how our speech can help or hurt others.   It all starts with some unruly lambs   "Ugly ol' pig.  You're pink and fat, and you're baaaaald, too," they bleated."   This really made Peggoty really sad so she ask some critters around the barnyard - they were no help, as they were just as vain as she.  She somehow comes up with a "curly wig" that she was quite proud of until - yep, the mouthy lambs made fun of her "pig in a wig" get-up.  That's when she discovers a secret she learned from the humans... 
Sadly, it still ends with Peggoty believing she is once again perfect.  Would be a good book to use with your children to talk about vanity and how speech affects others. Not sure it's a book you want hubby to read to kids if he's going bald... Youngest thought it was funny and loved the colorful and comical illustrations.

 The following ladies will be hosting the following FMBF the following post in July.  Please make sure you head over to their blogs on the following dates and link up as you read and review more awesome books! Jana will be back in August with more FMBF after a much needed break, but I appreciate the opportunity to host today in her absence!
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for hosting!!

Maggy said...

Love "The Bear that Heard Crying"...I love children's books, as my bookshelf show. Still enjoying reading them through 26 years of parenting and starting to collect more for grandkids.

Gretchen said...

I entered an animal story, too! Wow, that bear book sounds FASCINATING!!! Crazy stuff!

Fairion said...

The bear book sounds so uplifting. We are certainly going to have to add it to our urgent reading pile.

Thank you for the great recommendation