Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Snack Shack

When my kids first entered public school a few years ago, I knew there had to be an easier way to store the foods (to complement their sandwiches) they needed to pack in their lunches (chips, fruit and cake type snacks, drinks, etc), without cluttering up the pantry or some ugly box overflowing and unorganized.
Snack Shack

I had a space in my kitchen I knew would be perfect.  Taking my drawing and measurements to our local Lowes, I found the baskets I wanted to use and knew the type of wood I wanted and picked out my corner round to help with sharp edges.  I'd love to say I had the brains enough to figure out the exact amount of boards an space needed for each shelf, but I don't. So I loaded up my cart with some of my supplies and pushed that magic HELP button.  Presto!  God sent the perfect guy that had great knowledge and vision of what I wanted and needed.  In no time, he transformed my vision to a doable attainable plan, made sure I had the wood I wanted and sent me on my way to make our snack shack.

That next day, Honey cut the boards and trim to the right measurements and we put it together.  Our kids were thrilled with our new Snack Shack and I could easily see if we were low on supplies.  I no longer stressed about their lunches and the kids loved it! It was like shopping at home! 


Update:  My two oldest are in college now and the Snack Shack has been filled with various coffee K-cups  and  food that the little ones I watch bring for their lunches.  My kids still have various snacks they "shop" from for college and work lunches (sometimes a late night snack), and it remains a great storage solution for us.

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