Monday, August 16, 2010

Coming Home

Belize child by Roselle Scott
Today, Oldest and Only come home.

It feels like it has been more than a month since I've seen them, but in reality - it's been 2 weeks for Oldest and only a week since I've seen Only. 

by Roselle Scott
  Where have they been?  In Belize on a mission trip with our youth group.  It's not been an easy trip for any of them, but I've heard tidbits and the blog, and we're anxious to hear about their experience!

by Roselle Scott

Oldest by by Roselle Scott
Our prayer is that God will use this trip not only to introduce Him to the people of Belize, but that He will be working in the hearts of these kids that traveled to Central America.  That the images, experiences, and emotions will be embedded in their hearts and minds and impact their choices for where and what they will do with their lives.

by Roselle Scott

 What have we been doing since they left?  We've been busy working, tutoring, praying, and a surprise home improvement project - redoing the Kids' Bathroom.  They have no idea what they're coming home to!  I'll have to post more after they return home.  But for now, I've got a list a foot long of things I need to get done today so I need to get going!  It's going to be a long and busy day! 

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So grateful for their safe return . . . enjoy the wonderful stories, oh and the piles of laundry.