Saturday, August 7, 2010

I love watching Honey with the kids. 
This morning I had to be at the church at 9 a.m.
Everyone, except the "starving" cat was asleep
When I returned 3 hours later, 
  I found Honey and Youngest, 
 in the back yard
 digging out a tree stump.

I love how he teaches them with quiet example,
working alongside them, 
showing them by example 
how to fix, do, or make something.

  It is time spent
building relationships
digging in the dirt.
Doesn't get more exciting than this!  

I do have to tell you that later,
as I passed by the door, 
I saw something that
made me stop and watch

It was Honey and Youngest
sitting side by side
in lawn chairs
talking and taking a break.  
These are the moments that
aspire me to be a better mom

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There is something about a dad and his kids that just gets me everytime.

How cool that you got to meet a Blue Angel pilot. Thanks for your sweet note.


Raine said...

It's wonderful how you capture these moments!