Thursday, December 30, 2010

Random Acts of Kindness?

Luke 6:31 Treat others in the same way that you would want them to treat you

Have you ever been unexpected blessed in some way?  Did someone offer to watch your kids, left groceries on your doorstep, mysteriously pay a bill, left you money anonymously, visit you when you were sick?

Peter at A Fitting Name said this on the subject:
Finally, St. Francis of Assisi famously commented, "Preach the Gospel at all times and if necessary use words", and although I appreciated the sentiment I believe a Christian should instead say "Preach the Gospel at all times and where possible use words"
What then should we do? I suggest PEAL: "Pre-meditated, Evangelistic acts of Love". Let us go with the intent to Love as God loves, so that we may call as we were called.
Till next time Keep PEALing

If you listen to Air 1, you may have heard about Make A Difference Mondays... The on-air personalities encourage listeners to make a difference in the life of someone else. If you're stopping by today, can you leave a post and tell me some act of kindness you have observed or performed. This is not to be bragging, but rather to encourage others... One website I found that focuses on this is RACK,  Random Acts of Kindness, Abundance Tapestry, or Arvind, who list 29 simple suggestions.

We've tried to encourage our kids to do Random Acts of Kindness, and church has done a great job of reinforcing this as well, but there have been a few times our family has been blessed by RAK.  My kids have told me about how they've been with their youth minister and when he left a really nice tip for a tired server, delivered groceries in secret, raked leaves for a shut-in, and so on. Many times, when I've put gas in the car, I'll ask the clerk to add a coffee to it and pay for the next person who comes up to the counter with one, or the kids will lag behind to hold the door open for someone at a business that we were entering or leaving. A friend of mine bought an extra meal going through the drive-through and was lead to the location of a out of work stranded person by the road who really needed a meal and encouragement.  Do we do this receive recognition or a jewel in our crown?  Never.

Last October, we were on the receiving end on... Just a few months ago, Hubby was in Tulsa, Only and Youngest were with me on the way back from The Fort when I suddenly realized that all the horrible smelly smoke was not coming from the clunker behind me - yep, it was OUR car! I pulled over as quickly as possible and before I could even open my door, a COX Communication Service guy pulled over in front of us, jumped out of his truck with phone in hand. Short end of the story - he thought our car was on fire and was prepared to call 911. He stayed with us, speaking to Honey about the situation, and making sure we had help coming before he went on his way. He didn't have to stop - it's not in his contract to help Mommas in distress - but he did and we were so blessed by his random act of kindness.

Last night Honey and I were out - went by SAMS to get those prescriptions before the end of the year, and decided to use a gift certificate to Chilis for a quick date night, since we're really cutting our spending.  It seems like it's been so long since we last had a date, so I was thrilled with the time.  Honey ordered our usual - sharing a salad, tea, and queso, so we knew that it would be a tad over $20, leaving us owing for the tip.  Smiling, Shailyn brought us our drinks-to-go and check, said a Couple, a few tables down and across from us, had $$ left over from their gift certificate and applied that amount to OUR TAB and said "God Bless!!!!!"  We were stunned!  I almost cried.   I'm not sure what led them to do this, but I wish I could tell them how encouraged and blessed by their RAK. 

Have you ever given or been blessed by a Random Act of Kindness?  I'd love to hear about your experience by leaving me a note.  


Raine said...

My wonderful cousin has made and given me two beautiful purses for absolutely no reason at all! I do not deserve them. She said the last one was for my birthday, but honestly, we stopped giving each other birthday gifts after we started having our own families. She blessed me very much in more ways than I can describe.
P.S. - My cousin is Aspiring Mom2three! Thanks Net!

Raine said...

My daughter pulled herself out of bed this morning to go pick up a friend of mine that needed a ride to the doctor. I wasn't able to take my friend because of being at work and everyone in her family that she had called & asked was not available either. I voluntered Lindsey without asking her permission then begged her to this one RAK for me. I guess it's not truly a RAK but the many were blessed because her obedience.


Sweet story of your Chili's date.