Monday, January 17, 2011

5 day weekend

If you were unexpectedly given a 5-day weekend, what would  be your first thought?   Impossible? Unreal?  Keep dreaming?  My first thought was "glorious!"

Youngest and Princess
 Due to sickness and some testing for "W" (more about this later), it was a dream come true (the time off, not the sickness).   I still had the girls, but no school!  Could it get any better?  So how did we fill our unplanned vacation? 

There was probably more TV watching going on than normal, but I loved rocking the girls while watching the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I actually finished a book that was more than a picture book with 15 pages in it. Youngest took advantage of some beautiful 50º weather to play outside, and Only read and relaxed.  Sounds a little boring, but we rarely get so much down time.
Blissful Confection Quilt
I started on a new quilt, Blissful Confection, but this one is selfishly, just for me.  I'm trying to be thrifty and use extra material that I've already used on previous quilts (small blocks take longer the number I needed), but this cozy quilt will be just right for wrapping up in a comfy chair, maybe for some baby snuggling or book reading.
New Pillows for Only's room

I made The Princess an apron, refashioned from an adult apron, added some fabric she liked, an iron-on flower, and she was ready to go.  We also made her a cute pillow for nap times and a few pillows for Only's bed.
Apron for the Princess
 Only turned 17 on Saturday.  Can't believe time has passed so quickly.  Honey took all the kids to the Razorback vs Alabama basketball game (we love free tickets), then stopped at Red Robin for a birthday dinner.  While I missed being with them, there were only 4 tickets and I knew they would enjoy it more than I.

 Sunday evening was wonderful family time as we watched Up and No Time for Sergeants starring Andy Griffin. 

 Today?  We're all excited to spend a few hours at a friends house for a little Girls Lunch, pizza for the kids and quiche and salad with Olive Garden type bread sticks for the adults.  Kids get to play and visit and we get some much needed Girl time. 

 Well, I need to put "H" down for a nap and start making some pizza dough.  Have a fantastic day!



Wow, Lynnet, you have been busy. Your quilt and pillows are incredible. My daughters made me a new quilt for Christmas. I don't sew . . . so they spoil me.


Anonymous said...

Keeping you all in my prayers, Lynnet!

Aspiring Mom2three said...

Thank you Glenda. I remember reading about that special quilt, I loved the mix of blues and how beautiful it looks in your new bedroom.

Anonymous said...

Oh my stars...I didn't even remember Mrs. King had children. And their mess doesn't compare to ours! Now Zits is more in line with ours...we definitely have a F-5 in our boys room and I'm not touching it with a 10 ft pole...well not today anyway!