Wednesday, February 16, 2011

RSV Woes and updates

Well, after a few rough days of horrible coughing and a few boxes of tissues with lotion, "H"'s mom took her to the dr. and she was diagnosed with RSV.  We were all shocked and they immediately began breathing treatments. Her momma is keeping her home today, so we will miss her. Please pray for them. 

 The Princess still has her horrible cough and cold, but that didn't stop her from persuading Youngest into playing Polly Pocket with her.  Seems all it takes is a smile and one of her giggles to pull us in. 

Honey sometimes just flabbergast me on who he knows.  It seems he can't go anywhere where he doesn't know someone.  They always stop to shake his hand or give him a hard time about something. Last week a customer told him to have Oldest stop by and talk to him about working at his local pharmacy.  He want Oldest to start working there soon, which would be a blessing since he needs a job desperately. Our only issue is he is in band and they have a strict policy about missing practices.  We hate for him to quit band just months short of graduation, especially since he's been playing since 3rd grade.   What would you do?

Another blessing for Oldest.  We're not the type of family that goes out to get a new cell phone when the 18 months rolls around.  We usually hold on to them until they are heading for the great recycling coffin box... Oldest has been using my old Blackjack for a few years now (i got it new in '06 I think) and it was dying FAST.  A friend of his has a great phone that he wasn't using anymore, brought it over last night and Walah!   You're probably asking why we didn't just go out and get him a new one?  We're really trying to save $$, pay off bills, and having a senior in HS hasn't helped.  What a blessing this was to us!

We're all looking forward to the weekend! 
  • Friday we will gather with three other families for a monthly get-together - we call it the RWHK Gathering (first initial of our last names).  We take turns hosting at our homes, plan a menu theme (soup, italian, mexican, grilling, etc), and just take time to relax. Sometimes we play games (Apples to Apples is our favorite), have wii tourneys, ride 4-wheelers, do target gun practice, or just visit and laugh until the cows come home. 
  • Saturday, Honey is taking a van load of teens to the Winter Jam (Christian concert in Tulsa) where it cost only $10 to get in.  
  • While the family is away, I have a day of me time, which I plan on working on my Blissful confection quilt.  Quilt top is done, I pulled some flannel out of my fabric stash and purchased material for the binding.  I just have to lay it out, get it all pinned together and start quilting... The time always slips away from me, but a little alone time is always good, though I miss having the family here.
 Well I need to stop and get some school work done.  The Princess wants to color and I have two boys that are "ready" to do school.  Grabbing some tissues and signing off!  How are you doing and what plans are you looking forward to this weekend?

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the momma said...

What would I do about band? I would ask myself - in a year, will it matter more if he A)did 3 more months of band or B)got a job (that is being handed to him...)

A Saturday of sewing alone sounds fabulous!! enjoy!

Jenny said...

I just wanted to say that (besides your writing and the content, of course), I really like the layout of your blog - your font, how you organize your posts, etc.


Wow, you are one busy woman. I am so glad you are getting a day to work on your quilt. Hope you are all on the mend soon.