Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oldest...Senior pictures

it's a bittersweet time

It's something we've been working toward for a little more than 18 years

From the first heartbeat,

it seems like a lifetime away
before you'll have to let them go

and then we blink our eyes and those toddler steps

lead to t-ball


growing pains

setting limits

there are times we just hold on,
praying through situations

celebrating the big and little moments and accomplishments

 We spend 18 years learning to be a parent (we have a long way yet to go)

and then we must to learn be a friend

and finally letting go...

so they can realize their dreams and continue to follow God's leading in their adult life

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the momma said...

These are great!! I think my favorite is the 2nd one ~ where was it taken??

Aspiring Mom2three said...

Momma, I love that picture as well. i believe that is the old mill over by Market Place and Aldis. Awesome place! Only told me about it.

We also went downtown FS to the old Plunket Piano store close to Wheeler. Couldn't get the boy to smile at all and he has the best dimples!

I got numerous great pictures, so I'm having a hard time narrowing it down.

Momma Hume said...

I love the pictures. You did an amazing job. Totally needed a tissue to look through them.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of a handsome young man! I know you will miss them. My two oldest boys are in college 14 hrs. away .... The oldest graduates next year (Lord willing!)....more tissues...but then we would be crying a different sort of tears if they hung out around home for too long! Life goes on and IS still good!

Flourchild said...

Thank you for your comment and your prayers...that really blessed my heart!

Aunt Raine said...

He's grown up to be such a handsome young man!