Monday, June 6, 2011

Gifts of Grace

Some recent Gifts of Grace
  1. Lily of Valley flowers, sweet scent, their white bells stand in silent beauty
  2. School House Rock Play gets our feel tapping
  3. Laughter around the dinner table
  4. Fresh muffins from the oven
  5. Hug from teenager, Oldest rarely given
  6. Release from Cancer, bittersweet goodbyes
  7. Cool spring rain
  8. "Mommy can you rock with me? I don't feel good." The 12-yr old body turns and searches, scrunching his growing frame on my lap, looking for that once comfy spot.
  9. Frying bacon
  10. Friends surround grieving families
  11. Boy Scout Troop Leaders
  12. Gathering of friends - laughter, good food, love abounds
  13. Nerf gun wars between teens and young scholars.  Jury is out on who really won.
  14. Three years of learning, growing, acceptance, trials, revelations, and triumphs come to a close.  "W" is moving to GA
  15. Princess Izzy "reading" Brown Bear before nap time. 
  16. Glorious sunrise, it's glimmering fingers reach out, touching dark and dreary corners, illuminating, warming, welcoming after a week of flooding storms. 
  17. Ice cream for breakfast for sore throats
  18. Frogs singing their night performance with the Master Conductor
  19. Evening with in-laws always nice.  I love their steadfast love and commitment
  20. Blue birds twittering from branches low, feeding young with worms from freshly broken soil.
  21. Oldest and Honey working, laughing, talking during yard work
  22. Ladybugs puttering amongst the lilies

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Enjoyed your sweet list.