Monday, August 29, 2011

Gifts of Grace

 Recent Gifts of Grace
Only with Baby Zoe

  1. Baking 800 cookies with the help of great ladies
  2. Date night with Honey
  3. Friday - a break from the craziness of the week
  4. Full nights sleep
  5. Kids cleaning up the kitchen without being asked
  6. Baby Zoe arrived safe and healthy 9 lb 12 oz!!! 
  7. Wonderful cool morning, quiet with only the birds singing
  8. Honey brings, yet another racing tire home - I love his boyish side!
Honey with his tire

 If you would like to join in recording the Gifts that He has given you, or would like to learn about "A Dare to Live Fully, Right Where you Are: One Thousand Gifts , go to Ann's blog at A Holy Experience and join people from all walks of life and places in the world as we Count His Gifts.


Deborah said...

Visiting from Ann's place. Thanks for sharing your lists of gratitudes. Wow. 800 cookies. Have a blessed day.


Hi Lynnet,
Great list!

Good news . . . you are the winner of my life:beautiful magazine issue. If you want to e.mail me your address, I will get it in the mail right away. ENJOY. It is a great issue. Perfect with a good cup of tea.