Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Happenings here and there

The house is quiet and the only thing I can really hear is the drip, drip, drip of the bathroom faucet.  With the latest quilt in my lap and an open book before me, I sit, listening, thinking, enjoying the quiet.  My mind wandering...

My Crazy Boys
I look Oldest and can't believe he just turned 19. and how he reminds of of his Daddy with his quiet and sporty nature, but my heart melts at the tender heart and thoughtfulness, his bear hugs, goofy sense of humor, his playful demeanor, his laid back nature drives me crazy... I can't wait to see where God is taking him!

Only turns 18
I love wandering into Only's room.  It has this sweet smell, reminds me of her hugs.  Can't believe she just turned 18 on Sunday.  Why is so hard for this Momma to see her girl grow older?  

New puppy, Bandit
 The sounds of dogs (yes, plural)  wrestling and playing in the living room.  Oldest fell in love a few weeks ago at work with a little of abandoned puppies, specifically two of the pups, and one somehow found his way home in his coat one evening.  Since he's been bathed, fed, AND named (Bandit), I guess he's staying!  Lady seems to love having someone to play with and her activity level has gone WAY up.  Bandit (9 weeks old) is showing great signs of fast potty training - already two days without an accident and is going to the back door when he feels the call.
Seeing sister Montica at Thanksgiving

Loved seeing my sister for a few hours at Thanksgiving and her sweet son Eutimo, her friend who traveled down with them and her son.  Never enough time with her it seems. All the kids loved the times with had with each other.  A year between face to face visits is too long.

 Only and Youngest were part of A Christmas Carol production in December.  It was so much hard work, but the message was clear and dear.
Youngest in A Christmas Carol

Only was Assistant Stage Manager
 I've been getting in some sewing time: Thanks to Pinterest, there were a lot of great Christmas gift ideas: pillow case for Youngest, rice filled heating pads for special friends and family, baby bibs, and more.  I think I need to attend a support group for Pinterest Addicts.
Youngest's Boy Scout Pillowcase

Rice filled Heating pads
 So glad you stopped by today.  Love to hear from you!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely projects. Yay for the new puppy he's so cute...and you are a compassionate mom.