Monday, January 23, 2012

Isabella's Blissful Confection Quilt

Once upon a time, a little sister received a quilt, after her arrival, so fresh from the arms of God. But her new big sister really liked that special quilt. Momma and Daddy asked if somehow I could make one for Big Sister and here is is: Isabella's Blissful Confection Toddler Quilt. 

This quilt was different, with some specially placed orange silky ribbon for some comfort along one whole side of the quilt - I call them design elements. Sounds fancy huh? 

one of 15 hidden words

embroidered flowers on binding

Isabealla's parents asked for the same pattern (Blissful Confection) as their youngest daughter, Zoe, but momma chose different colorful material and I used bigger blocks, which made it go much faster.  My husband helped lay the quilt top out.  Turns out he's a whiz at it!  Says it's a lot like putting a puzzle together, but he's way to logical for me.  I'm more whimsical and laid back about it, though it is not my favorite part of quilt making. 

Her Sweet hand prints

Front - can you find the hidden words?

The back
Sleep in Taggy Quilted comfort

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