Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catching some sunshine

Monday we made sun catchers using beads (another Pinterest craft).

Kids loved this creative way to make a permanent pattern. Boys created a clear cross inside their pie plate size sun catcher. "Miss I" decided her best plan was to throw them all in whichever way they landed and soon lost interest. So while the boys were Took meticulous care with placement, I created a few muffin tin size creations.

Step 2: put them in *250 oven. * warning, it will start to smell, but it is fun to watch their creations take shape. The kids were all thrilled with their Colorful creations and wanted to do more.

Next step - drill holes in the top and hang them outside.

"Miss I" likes to play with them as they make a really cool sound and pretty when you hold them up in the light. . Shoot, they may never get hung, but we had a blast making them!

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