Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oh look! It's Shiny!

 Second day of my real summer break 
and what's a girl to do? 
Finish a book
sleep in 
lunch with a friend
watching a movie or TV

Saw this idea on Pinterest
for cleaning grungy pans
I HAD to try it
and it did so awesomely 
(that's a word, right?)
my cookie sheet results
 that I had to try it 
on the grungy stubborn stove grates and burner
(it worked great on the oven as well
much less scrubbing 
than with a purchased spray oven cleaner)

My Cleaning experiment
  What I liked: 
  • no harsh chemicals
  • no smell at all
  • gunk came off so well and pretty easily
  • didn't dull the finish of items I cleaned
  • very economical as I had the two ingredients
    Note to self: get a extra large size for future cleaning
What I didn't like:
  • mixture dried out hands - use cleaning gloves  (I know, please don't question my brain function)
  • let it set or optimal cleaning power
  • get out a scrubby pad or a steel wool pad if you're more obsessive about getting EVERYTHING off
  • mix a portion at a time - mixture will try out some and you need to keep adding the liquid. 
  • corners were harder to get clean, but I used a toothbrush (sorry Honey)  for creases and rims.
I love trying out the things I've found on Pinterest, especially when they produce such great results, which are economical as well.  What is the best cleaning tip, tool, or product you've used?  Care to share your a secret or two?

ps. I'll share a different cleaning tip in an upcoming post that requires less scrubbing and had great results as well.

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