Sunday, June 24, 2012

High end? Guess not!

Last weekend, with all the cleaning, organizing, and building of Only's loft bed, I was sure I had that cleaning bug "out of my system.".

Seems not. I was trying to find something to wear for a date with Honey and more often than not, my closet was packed with clothes

1. I don't wear,
2. A decade old
3. The wrong size
4. Not a style I should be seen in
(Honey's too small shirts)

Before I knew it, my bed had more clothes than my closet. Must say it felt pretty good to do that! Thought I would take it to our local popular resale shop and make some money. Turns out, I have a handful of items that were acceptable, but felt so disheartened, embarrassed, and low when I left because our things were not "High End." Not sure why it really bothered me, but it did. I do have things with nice brand names on them, and nothing I took inside the store was ready for Goodwill (I left those in the car).

Sweet Momma reminded me that I was not the one rejected, but the clothes I rejected or purged from my closet were. Still, my heart was wounded from the experience.

So, we are now having a garage sale this next weekend, saving myself the 20% fee they would charge. Poor Honey wasn't happy about it, but hopefully the money we make will convince him it will be worth it.


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