Wednesday, September 5, 2012

And she's gone

No other way to say it,
She'd been sick for a while,
Cranky as a momma bear
Messy as a pig in a mud hole
And after 13 yrs of living in our home as a strictly indoor cat,
Midnight had to be put to sleep.

And while most everyone in the house may not miss her,
I still will
For she was my lap warmer
My winter snuggle buddy,
And the only cat
I was able to train to Sit up and beg,
And pee in the toilet

Thankfully Honey took her tonight. Don't think I could have
without losing it.

So you are now safe
to visit our home,
You will not be slashed
Nor threatened with your life.
No hair balls
No unmentionable left to step on
No kitty poo to scoop
No kitty to share the morning sink with
I'm just sad that's all.
Had her since she was a wee kitten.
Use to chase the kids up and down the hall before school...

Thanks for listening,


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Ah, I am sad for you. Midnight sounds like a crazy fun kitty.