Saturday, February 22, 2014

Grandma Wilson's Grilled cheese and soup

White chipped bowls on the counter sat beside the two empty cans of Campbells Tomato Soup. The soup, simmering on the glowing flame of Grandma Wilson's  worn stove in a sturdy, yet aged silver sauce pan.  

Taking out six slices of Wonder Bread and the fresh colby cheese, cut fresh that morning at the Post Office/General Store, she liberally applied a layer of Oleo on each piece before asking us to assemble the sandwiches. Grandma puttered into the breakfast room to her toaster oven, rattling the toaster oven tray as she arranged the slices of bread.  That toaster made the best toast!!!  Watching in anticipation, we stared in wonder as the bread turned from white to golden brown - right before our eyes!  

After pouring a bit of creamy tomato soup in our waiting bowls, she added a pat of fresh butter, and a shake or two of salt and pepper.  How I enjoyed dipping my grilled cheese sandwich into my bowl of soup.  

Closing my eyes,  I can still see her worn apron tied around her plump waist. Her black, graying hair up in pin curlers, and the love in her eyes.  She was the epitome of how I thought all grandmas should be and were.  

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Unknown said...

Why am I just now reading this! Such fond memories of our grandma! Thanks for putting those memories into words.