Sunday, February 23, 2014

Once upon a snowy day

 Their pudgy noses pressed against the front door.  For once Oldest and Only were not in time out, but desperately searching for a sign.  Silently they waited in their fleece footie jammies, little hands against the glass feeling the cold outside world, leaving fingerprints low on the glass.  Their breath fogging up their view as the sun peaked over the treetops, a silhouetting orange glow framed their silent limbs.  

"Mommy!  I see it!" they called anxiously beckoning me to them.  Joining them, I peered into the morning light, searching with them for what they imagined.

There, floating lazily down to touch the yard's cold, barren cover, was a lone snowflake, giving hope and laughter to two small kids.  Their lips turned upward as the corners of their eyes wrinkled, their smiles reaching their sparkling eyes while their hands wiped at the foggy glass.

"Sissy!  Did you see it?"
"Bubba, I see it!  Can we go out?"
" Oh!  There's another one and another!" 

By now their little feet are dancing and hands clapping in anticipation, questioning faces looking up at me.

That was so long ago, but so freshly pressed in my mind as I watched the sweet wonder of The Girls fairly dancing at the door watching snowflake after snowflake joining together to form a beautiful white carpet on our yard.  While my the fingerprints of my own children are no longer low on the glass, I now leave new little finger prints on the glass as a reminder of the innocent joy they express at that first sign of snow.
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