Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Creative play is so....

Is there something that makes you wish you had extra time to do?  Do you lose track of time because you're enjoying it?   If I had a choice, I would stay up most of the night to sew or do embroidery work. It is very relaxing for me and I do my best work at night, plus it's a great time to catch up on Netflix shows.  The house is quiet, no distractions of kids, housework, meals, or the "do-list".  Since Oldest has moved back home for his internship, he has taken over my sewing room and my time is limited there, but I do love it when I'm there.  

Last month I stayed up WAY too late working on some projects and don't regret the hours, though I was in zombie mode the next morning.  
Wallet front
First up, my new wallet.  I never can find one that I just love, so I made my own using a pattern from NapKitten on Etsy.  Though I have been sewing for over 39 years, this pattern was not the easiest to work through.  The instructions were not clear throughout, but after two days, I had a wallet I love!  Using my embroidery machine, I personalized it with Elegant Damask Monogram by Designs by JuJu and have my one-of-a-kind wallet I'm happy to use. It has two zipper pouches, two hidden pockets, 6 credit card size slots, and one could put the check-book in there as well if desired. All-said, I will use this pattern again to make my next wallet, with modifications. Possibly a place to hold a pen?
wallet inside
Wallet outside

back pocket for phone

Card holder
Next up, was a Mega Credit card holder using a pattern by Infarrantly Creative for those loyalty, gift, and other cards. With over 35 slots for cards and a pocket for coupons.  Now before you think I'm rolling in gift  and loyalty cards, I'm not, but I love the extra slots to organize a bit.  It's so much more handy than the tiny pouch I was using previously.
Card holder inside

Boxy Pouch
Each year for Christmas, I try to make something for the momma's whose children I care for during the day.  This year I settled on No Guts Boxy Pouches from Pattern Pile, though there are many different choices.  It was pretty simple once I made the first one and took some notes on my direction print-out.  I was thankful for a colored sewing tutorial to refer to on one section that was a bit muddy, even for me. I use plastic canvas between the lining and outer canvas fabric to help make it more sturdy and hold shape.  Was pleased with each one and would definitely use this pattern many times again. It's so simple that one could change the size a bit to make a larger or smaller pouch easily. 

Iphone/Ipad Stand
I did not have a stand to put my phone or iPad on except a flimsy cheap one from Staples (which works fine, but is slips and collapses, but after some searching I found this pattern on Factotum of Arts.  Instruction were simple and it went together quickly.  Filled it with rice and so it could double as a chunky heating pad if needed.  It had a ribbon at the top to hold the cord if charging is needed, but I've not used it yet.  All in all, I use it daily and like it.  I made mine a tad taller to accommodate a tablet.

Elvis Pillow case
Last, I made something for my Momma.  While browsing through Hobby Lobby, I spotted some Elvis material I'd not seen before.  I'm the last person to like Elvis, but my Momma is a HUGE fan.  Her room at the nursing home is filled with Elvis stuff.  I loved how colorful it was and that it had images of his younger years, which would be something my mom was recognize easier.  Pairing it with a bright yellow trim and black-deco for the trimmed cuff, this pillow case was perfect for her room.  She was happy to get it, though she didn't know what it was, the other residents were asking for me to make one for them!

I am really craving more creative sewing time, but home projects and work seems to have occupied me lately.  If I don't have some time soon, I'm going to start dreaming about it or rebel and stay up late again some weekend.  I do have some items for Hubby's nephew's new twins on my table waiting to be finished, but they are a surprise and will have to wait.

Would you care to share what  you like to do to relax?  Garden, reading, sewing, woodwork, cooking (oh, I really do love to cook, but it's just not the same with Only married now), or something else?   I look forward to hearing from you!

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