Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bathroom Renovation

While Oldest and Only were in Belize, Honey and I were a little busy doing a little secret project. 

We told Youngest he couldn't say anything,
So, just to be sure, we decided to help him keep his word

 Dark and dingy, never been touched except paint
Yeah, we know, who puts windows 
in showers and steps in a bathroom?
Let's just say the previous owner and builder
didn't think things through very well.

Measure twice, cut once
A little plumbing issue to work on

Hand on lessons with
Power Tools!

Laying tile
 Those stairs can be a little tricky

This is pretty much it now,
except the painting.  
You can see (on the right)
I'm replacing
Chalkboard green 
with a Ocean blue 

Some final touches will be to 
add pictures the kids took 
in Australia and Belize

When the kids walked in
just before midnight on Monday
They stopped at the door:
"hmm, we smell paint!"
What!!!  You MOVED the TOILET???!!!
Did you buy a new toilet???  
(okay, so we cleaned it up and added a new seat)

What do you think? 
Have you ever done a remodel job
while your Honey or kids were away
that you can tell me about?

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Raine said...

You'll get it together. Have you had your quiet time yet? Slow down, sit back and rest a few days or hours, whichever you need so that you will enjoy this new journey in Oldest's life. He may not admit it, but deep down hiding under his excitement of being a Sr this year, his little tummy will be tingling and churning because of having to step out more on his own. Hold tight to each other and help each other through this yet another transition in life. It's sad but yet wonderful!