Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Break?

I'm in a bit of a funk... Today is really the next to the last day of Spring Break.  While I must confess it was a much more relaxing week with just Miss H, I'm not quite ready for the week to end. I enjoyed sleeping in  30 minutes, relaxing by reading One Thousand Gifts each morning and actually having the brain to think and write some scripture and gifts down. 

Honey and I enjoyed dinner and took advantage of a movie gift certificate we had to see, Red Riding Hood (his choice).  I enjoyed our dinner time, but I DID NOT like the movie.  I so needed to find a really happy place after we got home, but we found our wonderful German Shepard tore into a poopy diaper in our bathroom because Youngest failed to empty all the trash. We had poo on our bedroom floor.  Yes, I was so mad at big scary black wolves and a poo eating dog that night - our date did not end well... Honey said he really liked it and was exaggerating, but this is my blog and I'm telling you, it was suspenseful and scary!

Only was babysitting for friends and they sent home their wonderful Bissell Carpet Cleaner.  I wasn't planning on cleaning the carpets, but they do look much nicer and they did need it.  I'm still not happy with the dog, but I've forgiven her.

Nap time for Miss H provided uninterrupted time to work on my Blissful Confection quiltAfter some research and "play time" I finally figured out the magic to FMQ (free motion quilting) and already have half of it finished.  Will post pictures when it is completed.  It was so much fun being free from the fear of anxiety of all the mess-ups I was anticipating!  Wahoo!!!

Youngest took off on Wednesday for the Katy Trail in MO, for a  3-day bike ride.  They rode 27 (yes, you read that correctly) MILES the first day, but returned two days early because they were unprepared for the SNOW!!! Yikes!  We were expecting temps in the 60's and only packed a light jacket, the jeans he had on, and short to ride in.

Honey and Oldest headed to his parents to roof their carport and storage building, so that left Only and I to fend for our selves.  It was delightfully quiet, but I missed the guys.  We enjoyed a nice dinner with my friend Ester at Cracker Barrel, stopped at Red Box for the movie Like Dandelion Dust and Life as We Know It.  I highly recommend skipping Red Riding Hood and seeing Like Dandelion Dust.

Only and I decided to head off on an adventure of our own.  Heading off to Sally's Beauty Supply with the awesome notes and hints that Raine (my sweet cousin) sent me, we purchased color to cover my ghastly gray and color to put highlights in our hair.  Needless to say, Only got some Honey highlights that she is perfectly happy with, and I have no more gray. I hope we can work on putting highlights in mine sometime this week. Have you ever highlighted someone else's hair?  How did it turn out?

Honey replaced our leaking kitchen faucet  and hoses that survived the food with Noah, cleaned under the sink (the dark place I don't like to go), and did a great job.  I'm so thankful he is able to do these things!

Here are a few post that I want to share with you.  I hope you'll take a minute to visit them:

  • Shannon at Rock in My Dryer made me cry with her post of a Mystery that happened with her son.  Sigh, I'm living this as I order Graduation Invites/Announcements for Oldest.  This IS NOT happening, please tell me Oldest didn't grow up in the blink of an eye.
  • Chris shed some light on Darwin, Ds (Downs Syndrome) and Evolving Thoughts on Evolution. I loved her perspective!
  • The Vintage Rose has me longing to visit her shop in Tasmania - her "All you Need is Love" photo is quite beautiful!

  • Lorie touched my heart writing about words that have haunted her: Mental Retardation and what it means in regards to Autism and Fragile X. She is gifted photographer, has a true heart for Christ, and is a great mommy to her kids.
  • I  was glad to hear that Debra and her kids made it safe to TX after evacuating from Japan, where they were stationed. 

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    I'm so glad you stopped by today and I hope you had a good week.  I'd love to hear a tidbit of what you've been doing and any great post you've read this week.  It is a great encouragement when I read your comments!


Flourchild said...

My kids go back to school in the morning.I have enjoyed having them home! It sounds like you have had a nice Spring Break too!

the momma said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying FMQing!! but I am so sorry about the poopy diaper dog!! YUCK!! bad dog! BAD DOG!!

rats! I didn't get to see you close up yesterday to see your hair. For the record, though, I don't know about this 'ghastly gray' you speak of :-)

praying for a good day for you today, my friend said...

You had a full spring break...but I am sure it left you feeling like the book "I am not getting up today!"...LOL
I cleaned carpets fact I read and cleaned through spring break and then back to home schooling after the week...sad most of it needs done again.
Your hair sounds wonderful...oh my gray, well let's not go there...yours are now covered.