Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Works for Me Wednesday: Unique Mother's Day Cards

Every year I search for something different or unique to do for Mother's day for Honey's mom and my mom as well.  I mean, I always get them a corsage, made from three white or yellow daises (to represent each of our three kids), but I really hate standing in the card aisle of Walmart of Hallmark picking out cards for each of them.

This year, I found the solution.  When we were researching where to order Oldest's Graduation Pictures, we found Shutterfly and loved our experience with them.  Picture quality was crisp and just the way we wanted them.  So when I started thinking of finding time run to the store, I was thrilled to get an email for a free PERSONALIZED greeting card from Shutterfly by using the code MOMCARD at checkout (this deal expires on April 28th). After personalizing both cards and ordering them, I was thrilled to have only spent a whopping $4.40!!!  YES!!!   

5x7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.

What do you think?  This Works for Me!  

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So cute . . . the card and your kids, Lynnet.


no spring chicken said...

Very nice! I'll have to check this out...

Blessings, Debbie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the idea!
Your card looked great ...I'm sure they will love it. My mom is gone on to heaven but I still need to get something for my sweet MIL.


I am popping over from Gg - Notes on the Journey to say thanks from the bottom of my heart for your recent support during my dad's open heart surgery. He is doing so well.

Over 60 comments with prayers and well wishes, including yours. Such sweetness. It helped me not feel quite so alone, having recently moved to Chicago.


Susan Mc said...

Hey, I hope you are doing OK...have missed reading of your happenings!