Monday, June 6, 2016

Ordinary Moments

Yep, I tried to eat a stick
Pulling a tractor
The weather during the last week of school was pretty nice, so we headed outside for some fun after naps.  I love watching the kids chase bubbles, pick clover and dandelions, and just play in the dirt. They do not really care that the toys are about 15 years old, but that they roll in the dirt.  With five kiddos to care for on most days, venturing outside is not always ideal, but watching them play makes it all worth it.  I love their laughter and dirty hands!  I do love my "mommas", as each is unique as her child.  Three are seasoned moms with an older child, and the others are learning that it's okay to say "no", set limits, routines are good, add some laughter and a few sweet teas, and all will be okay. Kinda...
Cutie Pie "L"

Honey and his supervisors
One of the "perks" of home ownership?  Searching for that hidden water pressure gauge installed back in 1994 that is now faulty and causing low water pressure.  I'm not sure who is more tired, the dogs watching us dig or Honey and I.    After digging for over an hour and only discovering some great fishing worms, a snake we accidentally cut in half, lots of mud, and only water pipes that seem to be going deeper into the ground, we gave up.   Guess we'll call the plumber tomorrow.

Wednesday, I got some contractor grade gravel to fill in the "pot holes" in our driveway.  It zapped my energy for the next few days, but it was worth it!  Do you have those projects that you put off, but desperately need to do?  This was one of them.  It was like riding a bucking horse pulling into our driveway!  
begging for attention
Poor Bandit is feeling the absence of Oldest, after he left for church camp and has desperately tried to distract me.  There are only so many times I can let the poor guy out for him to turn around and come back in.  I have a feeling he'll be sleeping close to me tonight!

Oldest and Youngest left for church camp today.  It's going to be a quiet week for us!  Honey has a ton going on at work with upcoming renovations and  moving to a temporary building this week.  Not sure I'll see him much.  This is my first summer in years to have some days off each week, as I will only have one child doing part time.  I'm so excited, but know my summer will get away from me quickly.

 Do you have any special projects/home improvements planned for the summer? do you have any projects you've been putting off?  Our list seems to be growing by the week, but I'm considering doing Rock, Paper, Scissors to determine which one to do first. I'm having carpal tunnel surgery on Thursday and will not be able to use my hand for two weeks,  so I'm leaning towards just painting the bathroom this week.

  • the house needs to be power washed and treated sealer applied
  • clean out the gutters (can I confess we have, eh hem, trees growing in ours
  • find that pesky water pressure gauge
  • get a DQ Blizzard 
  • replace the front door knob
  • dejunk
  • paint the kids' bathroom
  • fix treadmill
  • clean honey's new temporary office before Wednesday
  • take a nap
  • Kiltz paint the shed

Thanks for visiting today.  I'd love to hear about your latest project you want to accomplish this summer! 

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